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Ali's Homeschool Classroom
Flat Stanley Travels America
February 17, 2008
My class is preparing for a major study of the fifty United States and the District of Columbia. This is an America notebooking project where the end result will be a binder filled with information, etc. about every state. We are incorporating "Flat Stanley" into our studies, and you guessed it, he's going traveling!  This page is dedicated to those travels.  But, to be fair, we will actually be sending out two Flat Stanley's.  Both will visit the District of Columbia (but not the same place), but aside from that trip, they will each head in diffrent directions to twenty-five states each.  And they might take some time to visit some friends and relatives too.
About Flat Stanley
Who is he?
Stanley Lambchop, a fictional book character.  The books he appears in are:
  • Flat Stanley
  • Stanley in Space
  • Invisible Stanley
  • Stanley's Christmas Adventure
  • Stanley Flat Again
When was he born/created?
Who created him?
Jeff Brown (1925-12/3/2003).  At the time of his death, Mr. Brown was in the process of creating another Stanley book.
How did he end up flat?
A big bulletin board fell on him.
Why is he famous, aside from being the main character of a series of books?
In 1995, Dale Hubert, a third grade teacher in Canada created "The Flat Stanley Project" as a way to get elementary school students writing.  And it took off with a bang!  Students have been making Flat Stanley's, writing letters, and keeping journal entries for him ever since.  And he's been a lot of places including: many countries, outer space, TV shows, and even the Acadamy Awards.
What's so great about being flat?
  1. You can soar with the birds by being flown as a kite.
  2. You can hang on the wall like a painting.
  3. You can slide under doors to go from room to room.
  4. You can travel for just the cost of a postage stamp by mailing yourself in an envelope.
And this my friends is where our adventure begins!

Copyright 2008, Ali Lock, God's Way Homeschool and Homeschool On A Budget